I am sick with sadness over the massacre in Orlando.  I don’t know how to begin to make sense of how we have allowed this event to happen.  The only thing that seems to be clear about the motivations of the man who pulled the trigger is that he hated.  The people who know him best say he hated.  He hated people of color.  He hated LGBTQ people.  And that means he hated himself.  Because we know that all hatred and violence comes from a false sense of separation from others.  

The truth is that we are all literally connected in the fabric of Spirit.  When someone wounds a person of color, an LGBTQ-identified person, or any one in the world motivated by hate, they wound us all.  Likewise, whenever anyone attacks in the name of Islam (whether truly collaborating with radical groups, or not), they are injuring not only me, but the nation of Islam.  And anytime anyone suggests that we be suspicious, or ban or gird ourselves against an entire group of people on the basis of their religion, they injure us all as well.  
We must not tolerate in a free society the growing Islamophobia that such statements feed.  People, indeed, presidential candidates, are making public statements today about muslims that would be excoriated if they were made about Jews or Christians or any other religious or ethnic group.  These statements, and the hatred and fear that they spread are atrocities in and of themselves and contribute, if unchecked, to the kinds of attacks we are witnessing in the world.  
I take this event into prayer, knowing that the powerful appearance of separation, of violence, of hatred is a lie.  That the only truth is LOVE. And the only Truth is connection.  And the only truth is that at the level of the One Heart, the One Mind and the One Life, somehow, even now, ALL is WELL.  I maintain a steady hand on the rudder towards (and from) a World that Works for Everyone (because this one, my friends, has shown that it doesn’t).


How does it get better than this?  Really, Spirit, I am asking.  How does it?


Sara S. Nichols

Spiritual Leader
Center for Spiritual Living, Davis