Beautiful to See

Parrot lands and preens its wings
It knows the truth of why it sings
You may say its Parrot’s pride
But it’s so Parrot can ride

Currents of wind God sent its way
Now Parrot can fly from shore to bay
Parrot knows who it’s meant to be
Free and graceful, beautiful to see

Flying in the arms of God’s winds
Parrot’s perfect tune it sings
It knows it’s safely held
Bird, wing and song then meld

Parrot lands and preen its wings
I am as confident so I sing
Soaring in God’s love for me
Like Parrot, I’m beautiful to see

Written by Karen Vanderford


Knowing God is always compassionate to every creature I offer emotional support and prayer to those experiencing the illness and transition of a beloved animal. Also to celebrate the beginning of the joyful bond between animal and human. The Animal Ministry offers resources, presence, passion and enthusiasm to our community and the larger world by giving a meaningful voice to every creature, especially where neglect, cruelty, degradation and commercial exploitation are concerned.

Guiding Spiritual Principle: All of life contains God and is worthy of love and respect