From Bystander to Ally

This is an introductory workshop for spiritual white people who want to dismantle racism and fully engage in the movement for equity and social justice. Register Here

Sunday April 15, 2018 • 1:30pm-3:30pm • Cost $20

This workshop is for you if you…

  • Are white and spiritual don’t know how or where to get involved;
  • Want to learn more about systemic racism and how to interrupt it;
  • Want to move into right relationship with your past and the past of your ancestors;
  • Want to learn to support POC organizations and leaders in the movement;
  • Want to be a powerful advocate for change;
  • Believe in the power of spiritual practice to transform the world.

This workshop will be a lively interactive experience in which we explore whiteness and white supremacy and its impact. There will be video, podcasts and exercises for deep understanding and healing. Often as white people we can be paralyzed by feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment about our unearned privilege or family history, or we may have the challenging feeling that we haven’t personally done enough to dismantle racism. In this class we will accept ourselves and heal our pasts as we move forward with raised consciousness and confidence in ourselves as allies. As champions of love and possibility, we will bring all the power of love and wholeness to engage in the transformation that is happening in the world already and we will be empowered to take up our part in it. Participants will set intentions for ongoing involvement in social and spiritual activism beyond the workshop.


LOCATION: The Peregrine School (south facility), 2650 Lillard Dr., Davis, CA 95618.

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Champion Fleming a social justice advocate the have worked for decades on LGBTQIA issues, AIDS awareness, poverty and racism. Champion is a dynamic facilitator, speaker and teacher. They run are a web/visual designer and photographer and have worked on campaigns to secure housing, food and healthcare for undocumented immigrants, low-income communities and the elderly. Champion is a licensed spiritual practitioner for the Centers of Spiritual Living a global spiritual movement focused on creating a world that works for everyone. Champion is the Sunday Service Leader at CSL Davis.