This month at Center for Spiritual Living Davis: September 2019

Ensure the Stewarship of Our Planet- Love


September 2019 • Affirmation:

I open to greater awareness of the wholeness, the interdependence of all
life and in so doing become an integral part of the healing, the revelation of a world that works for everyone.


You are invited to join us for our Sunday 11am Service!

the Peregrine School (south facility), 2650 Lillard Dr., Davis, CA 95618.

(530) 302-5738


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Why not build trust in your intuition by playing a game like Sudoku?

I realized with a flash that this game was an absolutely no stakes way to build my faith in my intuition... There is no earthly way that it matters whether I get this wrong. No bank account or relationship or emotion is depending on me to get the right answer. ...And if I can use it with those things, maybe then I can use it with the really big stuff: career and finances and marriage and housing level stuff. read more

Attention, All you Mothers: It’s time to receive and create (not give and fix)

Our society values and rewards qualities of the Divine Masculine: action, giving, fixing, making things happen and often denigrates and ignores qualities of the Divine Feminine: waiting, receiving, yielding and creation. So it is not surprising that most women in our society, including most mothers (or people in the role of mother, whether male, female or other) spend time and value giving and fixing rather than receiving and creating. read more

Listen to the Truth within you and March for Our Lives

You see the way that the God reveals to us our divinity is through the language of spiritual emotion.  This week's affirmation is "Today I commit to feeling my feelings all the way through and taking the action they suggest."  The action they suggest to me to attend the March for Our Lives this Saturday, no matter what the weather, and stand side by side with these young people that are leading the way for us. read more

So what? I found my Prophetic Voice at WeAreCSL Convention

The truth is that in order to awaken to my own spiritual magnificence, I need to get out of my own pain and care about a world that works for everyone. And in order to care about a world that works for everyone, I need to awaken to my own spiritual magnificence. read more