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The Center for Spiritual Living, Davis is a loving, and deeply spiritual community founded in 1995 as the Yolo County Church of Religious Science. Although it changed its name in 2006, the center has been continuously providing Sunday services since its inception.

Our Sunday Leader 

David Vincent Clark has been a Religious Science Practitioner for the last 10 years and is currently working toward a ministerial degree.  He is also an experienced inspirational speaker, a musician, a blogger, an avid runner and has traveled the world working in the software industry.  The philosophy of Religious Science and Science of Mind has helped David achieve many goals in his life and do things he never believed he could do.
As a speaker, David skillfully dismantles complex spiritual concepts to reveal our eternal connection to God and to each other through his authenticity, compassion and sense of humor, 
David’s writings can be found on his blog, truthdistillery.com

Our Sunday service begins at 11:00am (come at 10:45 am for meditation) and is held at the Peregrine School South facility, 2650 Lillard Dr., Davis, CA 95618. Please note: All mail should be sent to our mailbox at: P.O. Box 2276, Davis, CA 95617

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This service is a place and a time where people get to connect and share with others on a similar spiritual journey to their own. Sunday morning visitors are welcomed by a warm and lively diverse room of people. A short meditation is held before the service, led by one of our several licensed spiritual practitioners, followed by a lively “Praise & Worship” sing-a-long to transition us into the service. A variety of weekly guest musicians provide their powerful soulful gifts accompanied by our growing house band. Most Sundays, Rev. Sara Nichols is the speaker. We have a guest speaker once a month. Most visitors find our speakers to be riveting, informative, and joyful. Rev. Sara’s talks, while different every week, always combine her deep spiritual inquiry with passion and humor, while grounded in the real world.We have a wonderful growing youth ministry.

Peregrine School South facility, 2650 Lillard Dr., Davis, CA 95618. Please note: All mail should be sent to our mailbox at: P.O. Box 2276, Davis, CA 95617


P.O. Box 2276, Davis, CA 95617

Volunteering Your Time and Talent – If you are moved to get more involved and integrated into our spiritual community contact a board member or a Practitioner for volunteer positions available within the Center for Spiritual Living Davis community.

The Center for Spiritual Living Davis Prayer Line is available 24/7 by calling 530-302-5738. Please leave your phone number and a message asking one of the practitioners to call you back. You can also email for prayer requests:


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Our Vision and Mission

The center’s vision is “ALL IS WELL” and its mission is to “Embody ALL IS WELL to transform hearts, minds and lives.” As part of our spiritual practice, we sit with this vision on a regular basis to see where it is guiding us. Through this, we see that our vision is pulling us to create a thriving center that not only holds services, classes, and workshops (the way we do now) but also provides a dynamic spiritual clinic where we teach people how to scientifically and systematically restore themselves to full physical health using spiritual tools. Our practitioners and other congregants will work in that clinic, and the clinic will be supported by the Center. The clinic is already open now — in the mind of the Divine — and does in fact hold sessions with practitioners and Rev. Sara at various facilities. Please contact one of them for an appointment.

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